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"I can now play BF3"

  • 9.0
  • 9.0
  • usability10
  • Stability7
  • Installation10
  • Functionality10
  • Appearance10

I used to get a 25 FPS on Battlefield 3 but now I get and even 30 to 35 FPS making the game more than playable.

  • Smooth interface that allows me to make short-cuts to my game.
  • Large increase of FPS in games.
  • Awesome "Gaming Desktop" that turns off my short-cuts for me.
  • Runs my PC on "Performance Mode" for better performance.
  • Sometimes when I turn off my game the ugly performance mode doesn't change back to regular, So I still have that ugly white taskbar that makes my Windows 7 look like Windows 95.

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05 Feb 2012
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